MLP Manager allows you to manage all volumes on the scene from one place, quickly view and change their settings, add new ones, delete redundant ones, start a sequential calculation of all volumes, and also manage all light sources.
To open the manager window, click Tools -> Magic Light Probes -> MLP Manager.

Light Probe Volumes Tab

The ”Add Volume...” button adds a new volume to the scene.
You can also add a new volume to the scene simply by duplicating any of the added volumes. (just Ctrl + D)
The “Calculate All Volumes” button starts the calculation of all volumes.
Volumes will be calculated one by one. After the calculation is completed, all volumes will automatically be combined into one, the result is available in the "MLP Combined Volume" object.
All volumes added to the scene are displayed in the “Volume List”. The “Remove” button removes volume from the scene. The “Select on Scene” button selects the volume in the scene hierarchy.
When the cycle for calculating all volumes is started, the calculation of any of the volumes can be stopped by pressing the "Cancel" button, after which the iterator will go to the next volume in the queue.
Keep in mind that automatic volume combination will not be started until all volumes have been calculated. To exclude volume from the calculation, simply deactivate it on the scene.

Lights Tab

In the “Lights” tab is a list of all light sources. All light sources in your scene are displayed in this in the masonry in sorted form by type and mode.